Monday, October 24, 2011

The Head & Tail of Indian Engineers

        The term engineering is now just a course. The course which majority seeks nowadays to gain the market value than to learn something, the course that will enable to serve as capital for the large corporations to make profits and serve the supply- chain.
        The fact is that it has always been there, irrespective of where & what, stream & path one choose to be in, it is important to know that he is doing engineering amidst the Indian market that lives on the edge of very cult demand that is majorly driven by cost audacity. By the time one would be trying to figure out what he is interested in, he would first need to scrutinize what is available there in market in terms of giving value after doing it.
        The very example of this in India is the IT, which is one & only market for the majority of engineers that makes them earning member of the family. The Chemicals, the Internal Combustion Chambers, the Superconductors, The Center of Gravity all will be churned in the Compilers of the few technologies. Its not that the demand for other things vanished, its just that the demand for few things developed more. 
        Well its not bad after-all, in a sense it enables one to be earning now. But lets Evaluate-Validate what made a Chemical, Mechanical or a Civil guy land in the field which he never heard of in his 4 years of Graduation. What made an organization recruit him. Because the information he Grasped all these years will be of no use or of no concern to the organization he is going to work with. So It's the Dynamism or the knowledge of Applicability, the desire to innovate, the problem solving tendencies that he had learn t in his graduation justifying his recruitment. But what about the Information he acquired in his 4 years, its just like taking the things that one don't intend to use. It's just like doing water harvesting aside river-rainforest.
        The only thing that Government can do is to have justifiable seats in the engineering colleges under the particular stream. The Inevitable shifts of demand can never be neglected and the scope of any stream can never be undermined. But its better to have Technology-Ready Engineers. For all those who just want themselves to be earning, its better to undergo a course that makes them earning than doing engineering, but market won't accept anything less than Engineers, it gives one the added advantage. The reason market demands one is the ever increasing number of them. If we can limit the number of them by better streamlining the things that one & market actually wants, it would be more justified.