Friday, December 24, 2010

The Effects of Interdependence (Trade Liberalization).

What is interdependence? Or rather what should be interdependence?
The differentiation is subject to limited scope of perception but causes huge effects in the outputs.
Keeping it simple, let’s see what we need to do for if we are short of something at home, we will go in the market and buy it, if that
is unavailable in market we would borrow it from one who has it. Where would we seek it first,
family, friend’s neighbors?! , then? Friends of friends,
What if it is available with nobody?
We'll look for Alternatives, isn't it?

Alternative may be a small thing for our household needs but provides big Solutions
When considered about the endless growing needs of human sophistication race.
Alternatives are there and will always exist at least for some time to come, yes I can say that. The main complexity arrives when we think of what comes with alternative and that is what the whole world is struggling with...
Adaptability and Sustainability. 
The term is often talked about every now and then but technically speaking it has less with respect to resources and more with respect to human tendency.
We cannot talk about Adaptability and Sustainability without Research in the domains where the needs of human reached a level From where it can't be retrieved back to a lower or rather to a rational level.
The positive drives of open market have felicitated the world with every luxury that it needs, off course with a substantial cost attached with it.
But what it has also embarked with it is the mis-conceptualization of the meaning of interdependence...

·         Dependency

The trade is the offering of last millennium; I wonder how the world would have existed so many years before that, every single thing that we use day to day has the element of Trade attached to it...Seclusion is not what man can withstand for long, the world is so much felicitated with facilities, solution to needs, technology... What else the man need ?!
Does that mean we have reached the level from where we can lambaste each and every single desire we can have by hacking the code of finance regulators...well people do it, this leads to wars, dismay, and no result in the economic summits and in the conundrums for saving the Alaskan and Himalayan ice to melt.
The contentment of desires is desirable but is it possible? Surely not, if this race of business will continue with all the brains working in the direction of making themselves worth billion dollars in the market which is or will be sick after some time.
Trade should be seen as the source of dependency network for the needs that couldn't neglected and not for the needs that are self generated due to lack of contentment..
That doesn't mean that we should leave our desires of luxury, we can always have that but we should see that it has been fetched out of the resources that are available and easily reached to us through minimal transfer path. I say minimal transfer path because whenever we buy a vegetable from market, more than half the money goes in the pocket of sheik h sitting in UAE extracting oil rather than to the farmer who has actually put in his perspiration, energy & hope to grow what we are actually paying for. We can't drink oil, we are ready to pay more because we get to eat what we desire for. . We have grown our needs with interdependent resources’

·         Business Creating Dependency  

Let’s take it a step further For E.g.:- Talking about home needs, people used think of going in market and actually buying the stuff physically, What has changed now is that there are series of products available virtually online, we select them online and it is been delivered to us at home, things done simple, surely process has  been simplified for us. But it has taken a path that is to be looked with respect to interdependence. The process followed has taken a route of the technology made available to us which is managed somewhere in other place through other sets of technicians and contracted vendors for delivery... so what is the difference, the streaming task of buying that we used to do physically going into market is now being done by other set of people adding cost to the product, leaving cost factor for now what it has also added is the dependency to the product and the customer.... after some time the leverage is caused upon tendency of man leading to dependence on service provider always...
Now due to shrinking of customers in the Physical market, The physical markets itself will get shrinked and the next time if we dream of buying the thing we have only one way left that is buying it virtually online adding permanent dependency...
This is just one of the Example... what it has also emphasized is the innovation in the direction of making human life more luxurious, Luxury that make you work DAMN hard to earn..

We need to realize that we are in an era where the need of research and innovation for luxury should be overtaken by Sustainability. We should think of researching more in finding alternatives for the ground level needs rather than for the once who are at the peak of pyramid…. We should innovate more on satisfying the lag for the bottom of pyramid than for the marketing of Pepsi and Coke…..However mature we turn in matter of science and technology we should learn that we can never forget the two great geometrical concepts of nature that is Circle of life and Pyramid of Balance...

-    Nishant Choudhary.
                                         The author is nothing more than a common man who sees this gap everyday…